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Every story has two sides. 

Two lovers meet for the first time since their breakup. Both have different perspectives on the relationship and they each come to the meeting with a different intention. After having left the relationship without leaving as much as a note, Mark now comes back to explain his reasons and hopes for a possible reconciliation. After being devastated from the fallout of the relationship, Lea has finally gotten back to herself and has agreed to meet him, if only to show him she has moved on. 


Over coffee they have a conversation with different aims, Mark hopes for a future with Lea, and Lea wants to come to terms with why Mark has left her. As they struggle to come to terms with the fallout and each other’s differing accounts, will they put their egos aside and come to an understanding of their own fault in the separation?


The film touches on the subject of mental health and how the pandemic and lockdowns affected our lives and relationships.


Written & directed by: Renata Gheller

Produced by: Renata Gheller

Producer: Giulia Lopes Mazzu

Starring: Lea Anderson & Mark Woodhouse

Director of Photography: Theodor Brinch

Editor: Roberta Bononi

Sound Recording: Matt Powell

Currently in post-production


Filmed in

London, UK

Official Selection Ferrara Film Corto 2023

Semi-Finalist Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival 2023

Semi-Finalist Milan Arthouse Film Awards 2022

Semi-Finalist The Arthouse Film Festival 2022

Semi-Finalist Palm Springs Shorts 2022

Semi-Finalist San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival  2022

Semi-Finalist Philadelphia Arthouse Film Festival 2022

Semi-Finalist International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo 2022

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