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Mockingbird explores melancholy, sisterhood, and innocence. It tells the story of two sisters who, in trying to relieve boredom, trigger something that changes their childhood forever. Through sensorial storytelling it provokes a feeling of nostalgia that is hard to ignore. 


Directed by: Renata Gheller

Starring: Antonia Ribeiro Gheller &

Maria Antonia de Azevedo Quatrin

Director of Photography: Lícia Arosteguy

Editor: Roberta Bononi

Sound Design: Juan Quintáns 

Composer: Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres 

Color Grading: Ariel Artur

Sound Recording: Juan Quintáns

Leadman: João Lucas Nuñez

Graphic Design: Raquel Sordi

Production Driver: Roberto Lenz Hostyn


Filmed in

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Running time: 03min40s

Atlantic Bridge Film Festival 2024

Milan Filmmaker Awards 2022

BLOW-UP Arthouse Film Festival 2019

FRESTA Mostra Audiovisual 2019

Property of Água Viva Pictures
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